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The weekend... blink and you'll miss it. 

Although, I think this weekend that all too familiar experience was partly due to consuming many potent ciders / scrumpys yesterday at a beer festival (fortunately there was a'plennnty of cider, as I'm not a beer fan!). Fermented apple-y goodness. If I could have rolled a barrel of the stuff home, I would of.

Well, these trews are might comfy! Despite feeling a bit autumnal in this shade, as I wear a lot of black, it's good to have some variety in my wardrobe! It's good not to look so morbid day to day! High waisted trousers are perfect for work as they look a bit smarter (I seem to have a habit of dressing casually... good thing it's not frowned upon where I work!). 

Anyhow. The moral of today's post is that your don't have to spend too much precious dollah to get your hands on some fab fitting trews. You can nab these babies for just under a tenner - urm. Can I have more in every colour under the sun please?!


  1. These trousers are so lush! Hidden Fashion have so many bargs! Love this look <3

  2. There's no way I could pull these off but you look amazing as ever Robyn!

    Kirsty at justlikeheaven

  3. You look awesome Robyn, those trousers are perfection! x

  4. Lovely look! Where's the bag from?

  5. I loooove those slip ons and of course the red bag and trousers!!! Awesome look!

    Secret little Stars

  6. A lovely outfit :) you look great in the red trousers!

  7. so gorgeous babe! those trousers are amazing, what a great colour! Love your shoes also babe! x

  8. I love this outfit, those trousers are a great buy! I agree with you on the cider drinking.. it's too good! I hope you have a good week :) xo

    Natalie | Shabby Chic and Tea♥

  9. I LOVE all this colour! It really suits you - and the bag is gorgeous xo

  10. I heart cider too! This looks awesome on you xxx

  11. Only you dear Robyn could pull of red trousers ridiculously well you UTTER BEAUT YOU. I am jealous xx

  12. BEAUTIFUL OUTFIT! Love the trousers, they're loverly!


    A) How nice are those trousers?
    B) What a bargain they are!!
    C) Your hair looks awesome up, you should do up-dos more often!
    D) I miss you


  14. Your blog is the best!




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