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Oh hey again! I didn't get round to blogging last weekend as a went for an internet-friendz meet up with Amy and Tasha (as I mentioned before!). We went to a safari park and I got told off for feeding a zebra...and discovered that carving a whole roast chicken is more difficult than it looks.

I managed to snap up these incredible Topshop Unique trousers at a third of their original price a little while ago. As you can imagine, their original price actually made me feel a bit ill, even the price I ended up paying was somewhat sickening too. But they're real silk and fit perfectly. I do wish I was a meagre half a foot taller though, as there is no way in heck I'm ever going to be able to wear these sans-heels. But hey, beautiful silky trews are worth it. 

The print on them is pretty bold so I've been wearing them with simple tees and this super-versatile pleather jacket for good old H&M. Feeling a bit 70s - takes me back to last weekend's soundtrack of boogie tunes as we drove through terrifying camels and goats that looked like Spock.


  1. OMG Robyn, looking bloody amazing! I am pretty speechless about those trousers, think I just went to trouser/Topshop heaven xx

  2. Oh wow! Those trousers are just freakin' incredible! So stunning Robyn x

  3. Omg those trousers are amazing! They do have a kind of 70s feel, I love the way you styled them! xx

    ☾ ☾

  4. Loving the 70s vibe the shape of these are perf! Xx

  5. those silk trousers are M A G I C A L!
    La Mode D'Emm

  6. Ahh those trousers look uh-mazing on you!

  7. LOLing my way through this post, oh the roast chicken related hilarity. Also, these trews = FRICK YES

  8. Love the trousers! I always feel like I'm back in school if I'm told off in a public place, I bet feeding the zebra was pretty good though : )


  9. oh sweet lord these trousers are just incredible! Bladdy babe you are!

  10. pants is so cute. I like one of it.




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