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Grey Layered Ruthenium Friendship Bracelet | Links of London *

I'm a massive advocate of any kind of basic, unfeminine, non-fancy-schmancy jewellery. Hence this ruthenium  Links of London bracelet fast becoming my go-to for accessorising. It's right up my street - simple, grey and dark silver. It's actually a men's piece, but the style means it fits my wrist perfectly.

Each bracelet also comes in a lovely little box - making these not just a fab keepsake gift for big birthdays and the like, but it makes it harder to misplace (if you remember to put it back in the box..!). Ideal for absent-minded folks like me...!

A lot of these are in the sale now, so grab a bargain before they sell out!


  1. This looks like a lovely piece :) Really understated and simple. xxx

  2. That is lovely- I love understated jewellery like this x

  3. This is beautiful, different to the old friendship bracelets I love the links in it! xx

  4. Can I say I love how shameless you are rockin' your one missing nail in this post, seriously that first picture really is such imperfect perfection! Love it, not trying to take the attention of the beautiful and cool bracelet thought :-)

    Much love xxx

  5. oooh this is nice, didn't realise Links of London did pieces like this!

    Jade x
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