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High Neck Dress | Monki at ASOS
Orange Bag | Zara
Jacket | H&M
Over Knee Suede-Effect Boots | eBay

I fiiinally got my hands on some over-the-knee boots! Weeee! These are a mega bargain and so comfortable. They're a bit higher than I expected them to be, but that means wearing them make my legs look a tad thinner  you can also get them in leather effect on eBay here. I've rolled the tops down here a bit as I've got diddy legs!

It's been noted that my wardrobe is starting to look more colourful... so despite the monochrome clothing, hooray for this cute orange Zara bag! It amps up this Monki dress perfectly. I grabbed both these babies in the sale for £15 each.

Right, well I'm off to a pub out in the sticks which serves amaaazing wood fired oven pizzas - I'll try to get a snap of the goods on Instagram for you all! If any of you live in Nottingham / Derby area, it's called The Bulls Head in Repton - you have to go.


  1. Those boots are fab! <3 love flash of orange to! xx

  2. Love this outfit. You look great! X

  3. Love these boots! I've been looking for a pair like this for ages!

    Maisy Meow | Fashion and Beauty Blog

  4. Love the monochrome print Robyn xx

  5. Your bag adds the perfect pop of colour! Love the outfit.

    The Crown Wings

  6. So cool Robyn, this outfit is just soooooo great! x

  7. Loveee those boots, can't believe you got them on eBay! Go perfectly with that dress

    Julia x

  8. Big fan of this outfit! Loving the thigh high boots! They go so well with the dress too!


  9. SO SASSY! love the boots Robyn x

  10. Woo this is such a hawt outfit! I love it, love the pop of colour with that bag, ugh love love this outfit!!

    Drea xo
    Drea's Junkyard

  11. Those over the knee boots look perfect! :)

    Sophie x

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