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Everyone needs a good set of straighteners. Let's face it... I'm not sure about you, but when I get up in the mornings my hair requires a bit of taming! So when I was sent these Babyliss Boutique straighteners to review I was really excited. I already ditched my trusty GHDs for a set of £30 Babyliss straighteners a couple of years ago. So, needless to say, I'm no longer a straightener-snob. I was intrigued to see what Babyliss had come up with for the potential GHD buyer...

Black with gold coloured buttons, ceramic plates and detail, they look the part. They come with a storage bag and heat mat, which is really handy and a nice touch. With 12 temperature controls, it's really easy to make them work for your hair type. They heat up quickly too.

When it came to straightening my hair, these did a perfect job. My hair stayed straight all day and it was easy to create a naturally straight look, rather than a poker-straight, volumeless head of hair. I'll admit, they don't glide quite like some of the premium brand straighteners, but they don't snag at all.

My only gripe with these was that curling or waving my hair wasn't as easy as I'd expected. They didn't glide through my hair well at all when I tried to do this - I'd never had an issue with my £30 Babyliss straighteners, so this was a bit of a surprise. However, they do what they say on the tin - they straighten! I guess I just expected the versatility with these Boutique straighteners that I have with my bog standard ones.

So as my hair is relatively easy to tame with a quick swipe of the straighteners, I didn't see a massive benefit to these over my current Babyliss straighteners. Fair play to the Boutique straighteners though - they're sleeker looking and have precise temperature control, which is fab for preventing damage. I do think that they could be good for very frizzy or thick hair though.


  1. I don't think I could cope without my straighteners. I am an avid ghd-er though, I've gone through three pairs and they're like my children!
    These do look quite sleek and fancy though xx

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  3. They look good, sturdy and shiny:)

  4. I swear by Babyliss straighteners, they're so good and so damn affordable!!

    Hope you're well hun

    shabna x x
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