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As lover of clothes from the boys section, a bit of Playstation and being quite the slob, I've never been the poster girl for traditional femininity. But scarily, approaching my mid 20s, I find myself questioning if I'm 'girly' enough. Inspired by the fierce lady that is Megs over at Wonderful You in her post this week, I wanted to share my own thoughts on why it's ok to be you, even if that means getting an Action Man for Christmas (... read on!). And use my sociology degree for the first time (jokes.)

As long as I can remember, I've found a way to fall outside of the traditional stereotype of 'girl' in some way or another. Yes, I had long blonde hair and did my fair share of ballet classes (rocking a tutu as a little chunky monkey toddler. I then fell over in tap class and it was game over. Leotards were also vile). But I certainly had some quirks worth sharing, which probably help to explain why I'm the person I am now.

So here are some bits of my life thus far in ode of not being the stereotype of 'girl'.
(Disclaimer: there's nothing wrong with being a girly-ass-sasspot through and through. More power to you. Keep reading. I just wanted to share a bit of my life with ya!)

Playgroup Robyn

 I was always the dog in the whole make-pretend shiz. Never the mum and never ever the person getting married. The dog. Lols. And that's what I wanted to be.

Starting School Robyn

I was the girl who wore Clarks boys shoes, because I didn't want butterflies and fancy things adorning my feet. The chunky sole was pretty cool and they were comfy. Fast-forward to today and I'm almost the same. Ain't gunna catch me in no ballet pump, although I'm all over a sassy heel.

When Barbies Were Cool Robyn

I asked for an Action Man for Christmas. He had cool buttons and a gun (not an advocate, I just preferred it to Barbie's handbag). He could do shit, beyond having some bend to his limbs. Barbie had less fun things going for her and strangely angled feet. 

Mid-School-Aged Robyn

I was super into games. I'd sit on the top bunk bed and watch my dad play on terrifying PC games until midnight and my eyes felt like they were going to fall out of my head. I also rocked a Tomb Raider t-shirt and used to pretend I was Ash Ketchum from Pokemon in our back garden 👍

Just Before Secondary School Robyn

Boyfriends were stupid. I'd never had one and none of the boys fancied me. I got the guts one day to ask a boy out when I was 11 and he said no. That sucked, because my friends really wanted me to have a boyfriend (I wasn't fussed, but thought it would probably make me a bit more normal).

I did get one just before I left my school in year six, but it didn't work out because I bought him some sherbert as a present and decided I'd eat myself it instead of giving it to him. It wasn't much of a loss.

High School Robyn

Being 'girlier' or just more similar to other girls helped me fit into a new school, where everyone thought I was Australian. Apparently coming from near the M25, having a non-local accent and having a Nike bag as a girl (oh and having B cup boobs aged 12) made me basically exotic and pretty weird. 

Boyfriends, makeup, MSN and falling out with my best friends every week became my daily drill. I was shy though and sleepovers, parties or discos used to make me feel disgustingly anxious.

University Robyn

When I started my blog at uni, it was in aid of being creative and finding a kind of second outlet where people 'got' me. I was genuinely embarrassed when some of my uni pals found out about it, as blogging wasn't a common thing at the time. I'm not great at establishing really deep friendships very often either so it probably made me the oddball amongst the group. It wasn't a big problem for me though, as I can be a bit of a lone wolf.

At this point, I wasn't just sticking to boy's school shoes, you'll be pleased to know. Through blogging I'd become more confident in expressing my own style. Even repping tops with bananas on - yep it happened. This went down a treat with some at a reasonably elite uni where flip flops in winter were all the rage... (internet sarcasm)

Right Now Robyn

I still favour an oversized tee over a skin-tight top. Although sorry Lara Croft... I won't be repping you on my garms anymore. But I also opt for a mini skirt and a false lash (or two) some days. I do wonder from time to time whether my style or persona creates the perception of 'not making an effort' as woman. I hate that the thought crosses my mind.

Yes, I'll rep a 'girly' look if I'm feeling like it. I'm agile in my femininity - or simply, I make my own decisions. And I shouldn't even spend two seconds thinking about other people's perceptions of me (I need to work on that fo sho). I didn't think twice aged six about my boys shoes. And the word 'tomboy' wouldn't have even crossed my mind.

I'm not thinking about having kids, or getting married any time soon. Hell, I don't know if either would be for me. But who knows what I'll decide do or how I'll feel tomorrow...


Alas, I am a girl (or woman? Am I at Britney life-stage cira 2001?). So I'm going to take it upon myself to question how Pokemon, boys shoes (in particular the 90s Clarks variety) and not being faffed about a big white dress makes me any less girly. I guess I've just always considered myself to have some non-'feminine' quirks. Jesus, this has turned a little philosophical and dichotomous (I knew the sociologist in me would make an appearance).

Anyway, enough about my life stories. I'd love to hear about you. Did you love Pokemon *HANDS OFF MY SILVER CHARIZARD* or wear boys clothes, or simply not give a damn about the whole shebang? Share your thoughts and feelings too!

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  1. This post though! Yahhss girl! I may be a shoe & bag loving fashion student but the day I found other females that loved Lord of the Rings and Jurassic Park as much as I did it was like the world had suddenly got so so much bigger! Just because you're "sporty" or a "geek" or a "tom boy" or whatever, it doesn't make you any less of a woman! x

  2. Loved this post hun. I never feel feminine of like a girly, girl. No matter how much make-up I wear. But I think that is combined from being a tomboy at school and being made fun of for having a flat chest, so I never feel like a woman! xx

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  4. I feel like we had the same life Robyn! I'm all for men's clothes and tight fitted doesn't make an appearance in my wardrobe. From the age of 8 I have been all about gaming, and have previously rocked awkward denim black flares with a chain on, I wasn't a Tammy girl. My family would always ask me if I was a lesbian before I met my boyfriend, because my sister was the poster child for female purity. I would have never started talking to my boyfriend if it wasn't for call of duty zombies! You do you girl, I'm glad you've adopted the female traits you love! I still struggle with skirts, hopeless at fake eyelashes and have fake tanned once in my life, and not because I don't want to, my mum is a lad too, I just wasn't raised that way!

    Top post girl xxx

  5. Love this! I've always loved sports and so immediatley when people find out the response is that I'm obviosuly a tomboy. Why can't I just be a girl that loves both?!

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