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Ok. We need to talk about this coat. Yes, it's a velvet puffer coat (- or is it puffa?!). And it's potentially the best highstreet find... ever. Coming across a Stella McCartney style jacket for less than 10% of the designer price is a pretty bloody exciting thing, is it not?! I know, I know... velvet isn't everyone's cup of tea. So, if you're not sold, read on to find out why you need a velvet puffa in your life too.

Velvet Puffer Coat - Next
Sequin Crop Top - River Island (old)
Love this sequin polo in the sale now at River Island!
Leather Look Skirt - New Look
Gold Metallic Boots - Urban Outfitters

1: Wear it smart or casj

Pair that velvet puffer with ripped jeans, or the most insanely sequined top and it will still look awesome. If you're like me and opt for casual outfits a lot, a velvet jacket is a handy piece of outerwear to jazz up your look. Equally, it tops off formal outfits perfectly - totally work friendly. I've added some amazing Urban Outfitters metallic gold boots to my outfit here, as I'm still all over velvet / metallic combos!

2: Designer vibes for a steal

As I mentioned in the intro, my velvet puffer dreams were born when I spotted this £1.5k Stella McCartney piece. However, my budget was less than a tenth of that. So coming across this velvet beauty at Next for a reasonable £95 was a pretty sweet moment. It 's also available in a range of fits, including petite (just what I needed!). Realistically, I can't imagine wading around in that insanely long Stella number. I'd be a walking duvet. A gorgeous, expensive, cosy duvet though. I've picked out some more styles below from a range of retailers too.

velvet puffer coat
velvet puffer coat

3: Switching up the classic puffa

We're all loving the padded jacket trend - a round two ode to the Michelin man, if you will. But this super soft fabric steers it away from the typical 90s vibe, to have a more vintage feel. Apparently, Lyst tracked puffa jacket sales had sky rocketed by 280% back in October (needless to say, likely even more now). So make sure you stand out in your puffa, girl 💁

4: It's a snuggle magnet

Hilariously, and rather awkwardly, people want to come up to you and cuddle you all the time. Whilst wearing this bad boy, you're a human shaped pillow. A baby soft one at that. So prepare yourself for all the hugs. I'm really not kidding about this. If you don't want people asking to feel your coat, this ain't for you.

5: Erm. It's VELVET?!

Is there a fabric more seasonal than velvet? I think not. Also, if you're not down with velvet tops or leggings because they can end up a little clammy (let's be honest), a coat is a great option.  And if you're not already all over velvet, please let this be your first dip into it's soft, ...velvety?!... world.

Let me know if I've convinced you to join my soft and squishy coat clan, or if you've got one already. Going to be donning this sassy number all the way through to spring! Thanks Next for creating this absolute dream of a jacket 🙌

velvet puffer coat
velvet puffer coat


  1. Oh god I saw this, fell in love and then decided against it and got something more practical. Totally wish I'd got this now after seeing your pics - love!

  2. Ahh this is literally the most amazing puffer jacket I've seen, I totally need it in my life now! Absolutely love how you've styled it, you look amazing <3

  3. Such a cool coat, I love how the velvet texture looks paired with the puffer style! x

  4. Those boots!! I think this outfit is styled so well xx

    Sophie Mary / Fashion and Lifestyle Blogger

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