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Festivals - something us Brits can be proud to say we do ridiculously well, from incredible line-ups, to fashion with an edge. Forget Coachella-vibes-only, the British high street always serves up some unique pieces for UK festival season! So I'm massively excited to share this New Look festival-inspired outfit with you guys, as well as some of my favourite artists from across the line-ups. But first, let's just take a moment to appreciate this pink metallic anorak before we crack on with this post...

Pink Metallic Anorak - New Look*
Mesh Long Sleeved Body - New Look*
Sunglasses - New Look*
Denim Shorts - New Look*
Sex Pistols Tee - Primark, Converse - Sarenza

Now that's done, onto the festival acts you need to check out. Music has always been hugely important to me, and although I've always naturally gone for any kind of music featuring a guitar (I was an emo kid, and unfortunately / hilariously have photos of the horrific DIY hair cuts/dye-jobs to prove it), I do actually have quite an eclectic music taste. So I've wrangled into here a mix of genres - all the things that tickle my pickle. I can't think of a better phrase... but... capeesh?!


Playing at: Reading + Leeds Festivals

I'm 99% sure I first came across VANT through Zane Lowe. And once I'd heard just one of their songs on the radio, I made a point of heading straight onto Spotify to find more tracks. I was immediately sucked in by their stupidly addictive riffs. Even before their album, Dumb Blood, was released earlier this year, I played on repeat the few songs they'd actually released. Over and over and over.

Festival Outfit Robyn Mayday Pink metallic jacket New Look Festival Outfit


Playing at: Glastonbury and Leeds + Reading Festivals

Another artist who's album, BADLANDS, I could play on repeat over a whole day without skipping a single song. I'm not as keen on her new album, hopeless fountain kingdom, to be honest. I was just so in love with the epic feel of a lot of the tracks on that first record. Think: quite early-Lorde-esque, with elements of The Neighbourhood. And she's so ridiculously beautiful.


Playing at: Glastonbury and Leeds + Reading Festivals

If you've not already heard Junk Food Forever, it's the perfect way into discovering The Amazons. Despite this song initially being released back in 2015, it's only just made it's way into the mainstream (it's now Radio 1 material!) The Amazons released a 17 track self-titled album recently and there are some HUGE tunes on it. Have a listen. If you're already tapping away to Junk Food Forever, try In My Mind next.

Robyn Mayday Festival Look Robyn Mayday Converse Festival Outfit Sex Pistols Primark T-shirt


Playing at: Glastonbury, Y Not? and Reading + Leeds Festivals

Taking things back to those aforementioned emo days as a 15 year-old, with hair that had more layers than Kim K's photoshopping (shade)... Frank Carter, obvs the frontman of the band, used to be the frontman for the Gallows. Wikipedia says they're hardcore punk (and Wiki's always right...). Since then, The Rattlesnakes formed. It's punk, but toned down a good few notches compared to the realms of Gallows.

Ps. If you're liking The Rattlesnakes, try FREAK. Same punk vibes, just (arguably) a wee bit less dark. The guy is like 19 or something... I was sat on a sofa eating a 5-pack of donuts to myself, watching Friends back-to-back at 19. He'll be playing at a number of festivals over the summer, including Reading and Leeds. Pretty damn impressive!


Playing at: LoveBox, Wilderness, Secret Garden Party and Reading + Leeds Festivals 

This girl is busy over summer! And it's no surprise she's in such massive demand. Although Ray hasn't released many tracks yet, the handful she does have out there are so, so good. You've more than likely heard My Hood, it's been pretty well played. She (deservedly) won the BBC Sound of 2017.
Ray's tracks help me get into a really chilled but productive mood somehow - ie. some of my favourite music to work or blog to!

Well, all that music talk and this festival-inspired outfit has made me a bit gutted that I won't be festival-ing this year. That said, I'll totally be whipping out this anorak when we get more real British weather this summer (ie. rain!) And, believe it or not, the pink anorak is making a pilgrimage to Glasto with a work pal! I've never been more jealous of a jacket.

Pink Metallic Anorak - New Look*
Mesh Long Sleeved Body - New Look*
Sunglasses - New Look*
Denim Shorts - New Look*
Sex Pistols Tee - Primark, Converse - Sarenza

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