I'd seen these NYX lip creams over blogger and youtube, they'd had pretty good reviews so I picked a couple up on eBay a week or two ago. They arrived here from the US in good time and at a good price - here's the link to the buyer I purchased from! These lip creams are really like nothing I've tried before, as NYX states on the packaging...

   I chose Tokyo (a barbie pink colour) and Amsterdam (cherryish red). I find that Tokyo is less pigmented than Amsterdam, or at least needs more product, but I do like that it's not overly bright. You can build up the product depending on how bright / deep you want the colour. 
   Amsterdam looks quite a deep red as soon as it's put on, but I found that after a couple of minutes it looks more cherry red. It is blue toned though, so a better red for people like me with paler skin, but I can see it looking lovely on all other skin tones too

   Annoyingly, I took photos of both products on my lips but for some reason my camera didn't focus properly! I will be wearing these products a lot though I expect, so you will see them on! For now, here's both swatched on my hand in natural light. Ps. Yay for my DSLR! Although somehow my newer ones broken :( so yay for my older DSLR...!

   As for the formula itself, I think it's quite good. I say quite good because I've recently got out of wearing a matte lip, so these are taking a little getting used to! I wouldn't say they're drying, more just an unusual texture on the lips! They're not long lasting, but for me that's fine. Tokyo seems to fade quite quickly, maybe after an hour, whereas Amsterdam lasts a bit longer. I would repurchase them, especially Tokyo as it's not a colour I'd usually wear but I really like it! I think they'll just take a little getting used to following my major love for Maybelline Moisture Extreme Lipstick.


  1. These look lovely! Tokyo looks soo pretty! :) xx

    1. I never find pinks that suit me but this seems better than any others I've tried! xx

  2. both colours are gorgeous, i particularly like amsterdam!
    nevertemptfate.blogspot.com x

  3. Love both colours, especially Amsterdam, it's such a pretty shade of red!

    1. It is! Really think it would look great on most people! xx

  4. Replies
    1. Let me know if you try any other colours! xx

  5. love love love!
    brilliant blog hun! keep up the good work :)
    would you mind checking out mine sometime? i recently changed the name so its still building up those views :) would be an honour! thanks!
    Idiotic Fashion
    xxxxxxxxxxx Lottie

  6. Love the look of Tokyo! Light pink/nudes are my thing at the mo... Will have to try it

    Following :)

    daniellabeautyjunkie.blogspot.com xx

    1. It is really nice! Thanks for following :) xx




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