Picture heavy post - I'm not sure why people write this, but I feel as though I should too..!? Feel free to inform me!  
   You may have seen my recent vlog of the AKA Cosmetics Launch Event, my first ever event (if you haven't seen it yet, click here! Please be nice, it's my first ever video!). I took plenty of photos at the event for ze blog too, as if you're anything like me I love a good nosey at new products / events - exciting things in general!

   I won't got into great detail about the event, as I talk about it in this video! But I did receive a brilliant goodie bag, which I have already delved into... and there is one product in particular that I love, the blush! I'll blog about it soon! Everyone was so friendly, it was brilliant to see the products and try them out (courtesy of make up artists and nail technicians). There were plenty of free canapes and cocktails on offer too! It was great to try out affordable products from an exciting new brand! Anyhow, I hope you enjoy these photos and I hope your Monday hasn't been too stressful!

   Ps. I'm sure most of you will despise me for saying this, but the heat is really hindering my life right now! My room is in the attic, so it gets extremely hot and sauna-like - not ideal conditions for my life at the moment, which basically consists of revision and eating chocolate (boo - half melted chocolate!). Also apologies for any upcoming lack of posts - I'm really struggling with the module I'm currently revising for so I'm having a bit of a panic!


  1. Everything looks great, such gorgeous colours


  2. All of these photos are amazing!! You did a great job I'm sure :)
    I love your blog so much! I will definitely be following now, I hope you do too!
    Oh and I am not a fan of the hot weather at all, here in Houston it is ridiculous!

    angela - the lovely cup

    1. Thank you! It's too hot for me and my paleness / feebleness haha! xx

  3. fab photos! and woo so glad you got some lita look-a-likes they are amazing!!!!

    thanks for the comment on my blog,

  4. Beautiful photos! I hope you're well lovely lady - ps. your vlog was great! xx

  5. can you please check out http://flourishblogs.blogspot.co.uk/ - newly blogging and in need of an audience!xx

  6. Gorgeous pictures, it sure looks like a nice event! :) I can't wait for your review -- have never tried this brand before as it's not available in my country...
    You think you're feeling warm... wait till you live in Singapore like me haha ;)

    xx, diamondinrouge.blogspot.com

  7. Amazing photos!


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