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I feel that sometimes (some of) us bloggers can take ourselves a bit too seriously. We see vampy models posing all ... well... vampy and kind of glum a lot of the time and I have no idea how to post in font of the camera, so it seems that has proved to be my inspiration (I also think my teeth look weird in photos... not sure why?!). But there are those fabulous bloggers, like Katy and the rest of the Little Winter clan, Becca from Fashion-Train and Becky from Becky Bedbug who always make me smile because they smile (or take less 'serious' photos. Less serious in really good way, where you get some personality - ok, lets not get too deep here). It makes a blog way more welcoming I think, and I want a blog that has that welcoming vibe. Also, I'm really not a serious person in real life; in fact, I'm pretty much the complete opposite. So today I decided on changing my photos up just a smidge.

I've given the death stare (as I call it) only a third of the glory in this post so I hope you enjoy my little jig that I've captured in the first photo and my odd (kind of) smile in the third. As they sandwich the death stare I hope it's a little less disconcerting. Anywsy, so I'm going to throw in the occasional 'fun' photo in future so my blog is more 'me'! That's what blogging is about after all, right?

   But really, the most important thing in this post is my £10 Primark coat. It's something that immediately grabbed me in a strange way a few weeks back (but not physically... or pervey-ly... because that phrasing does sound a bit odd). I didn't think it was worth the £30 price tag as it's something I'd not normally pick out. But my love for it has grown in those few weeks that we were away from each other, so when I saw it for a tenner, this cheap and beautiful thing was mine. These pleather shorts are a new purchase too, I've wanted a pair for a while now but it's been difficult finding a flattering fit, but these Daisystreet ones are literally perfect.

I washed my hair for the first time since dying it and it looks much more even now (it looks a little bit lighter here than it does in real life I think). I'm starting to really quite like it!

Do you guys have any bloggers whose posts always put a smile on your face?


  1. I really need to get myself to Primark, this coat is so cute! I think the crowds always put me off, it must be lovely first thing in the morning. I know I've said it before but I realllllly like your new hair. Less serious blog poses are fun but I'm all about the witty write up, Little Magpie always has me chucking to myself! ;)

    The Style Rawr!

    1. I absolutely love Amy's writing too! Definitely one of my favourite bloggers :)! Thanks Tara :D xx

  2. This coat is amazing! I can't believe it was only a tenner, Primark seems to have got a bit more pricey recently so this is an amazing find :)
    emmerliejay x

  3. TEN POUNDS. I found a gorgeous coat in beyond retro for £22 which I almost died at haha. I'd say one of my favourite bloggers is atwentysomething, but there are so many gorgeous blogs out there! xo

  4. Im with you on this one, i love the 'less serious' blog posts wear bloggers write just how they would say it in realy life with all the erms and ars to haha :) i love the smiley photos too :-)
    Seriously though i can't believe this coat is from primark.. looks like its from zara or something and the price is amazing! Your outfit is so cute! xxx

  5. I love your super low cost coat!! I want Primark in Turin :):)

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    Thank you very much :)


  6. ahhh you look amazing! What a bargain of a coat! Might have to see if i can "grab" one hahah xx

  7. Cannot actually believe this coat was £10, what a bargain! Love this outfit, you look proper cool Robyn, and love the new hair! xx

  8. Such a good bargain for a coat! :) Love this outfit and your hair looks gorgeous :)

  9. Aww I love your blog!! Already following :) I know what you mean about the smiling, I remember when I first blogged 2 years ago I got an anon comment saying I looked miserable, but t'was so hard posing by myself with my camera on timer! Now Dan takes my pictures we have a laugh doing it, and most of them are me pulling stupid faces, bleh! But at least I manage to get some smileys haha!!


  10. Meep your hair colour is gorgeous! I wish i could pull something like that off!
    Also i never include photos of my face on my blog cos i couldn't bare to look at myself so it's good that you have the confidence to, regardless of your expression!

  11. Oh Robyn! YOUUUUU, writing a nice little thing about me! I think if I didn't smile I'd look like a fish had slapped me on the face. and I mean quite literally.
    But don't change how you take your photos, because they truly are lovely. And anyway your style is more fab which means that you pull the cool look off ;) xx

    The Littles.

  12. I like when bloggers smile more rather than do the modely poses! You look gorgeous as usual robyn and I love your lipstick! The shorts are amazing, I liveeee in my pleather shorts and a tenner for that coat!! Complete bargain, lucky girl


  13. Loving the outside pictures! Such a lovely outfit, and your coat looks great! xxx

  14. Your hair looks amazing. and £10 for that coat is such a bargain. Looks really great on you. Nothing in Primark worth £30 is worth buying until it goes on sale!

    Lola x

  15. Aw what an absolute bargain!

    Brunette in Louboutins A fashion & lifestyle blog.

  16. I've got this coat too! But i bought the navy colour instead...should have waited until it went down a bit more..i paid £20! x




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