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I have such fond memories of Clarks. Those magical foot measuring machines made me love going to get my new school shoes as a kid! But in all honesty, it's a brand I've often forgotten about when it comes to buying some new ones and twos (that's shoes in rhyming slang for the cooler people out there!). I did pop in a few months back after seeing a luring 'sale' sign outside a Clarks store though. As it's somewhere my Mum shops at (no offence mum, love ya) I didn't expect to come across much to my taste. But when browsing I was seriously surprised. 

I mean, look at these shoes I've picked out here. Some of these I could imagine coming across in Topshop or other shops in that 'cool' bracket. The prices are probably similar too, but if your childhood memories of Clarks are anything like mine, you'll remember your Mum or Dad being massively peeved that it was the freakishly fast growth of my feet that meant they had to buy new shoes rather them falling apart with wear. For me, it's a brand I associate with quality. Maybe that's why it's not seen as a go-to brand for us younger folk! But I bet you young'uns like at least one pair of shoes I've picked out here!

My favourites here are the slipper shoes - it's probably a bit weird, but I really want to touch that hairy looking bit (that does sound weird. Oh god). I'll be looking to buy some smart, long-lasting shoes soon for work and these will be on my list! I'd love to know if you've got the same memories of Clarks as I do - man, I miss those cool foot measuring machines and the good old days of flashing lights on your trainers...

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  1. Yes we have the same memories. I use to love that foot measuring thing too haha! I've also popped into Clarks with my Mum too and there as some cool shoes. Let's bring back Clarks haha!

  2. Ah the print of the first one is really nice and different! x

  3. I've actually not thought about looking in clarks since I used to get my school shoes from there but these styles are actually really cool and on trend from what I remember Clarks being all them years ago! Will definitely be checking out the website!

  4. Like Zandra, I've not given Clarks a thought since I was about 10 years old, standing on the machine getting measured!! Maybe even younger? I don't know but that machine was COOL :p
    I'm so impressed by these pairs but don't tell my Mum - she'll say she told me so! Haha!

  5. Oooh Clarks are starting to get stylish! Love those printed boots. <3

    Tara x

  6. loving the printsxxxxxx

  7. Can't believe that these are from clarks! I love them all, especially the first ones

    Julia x

  8. Completely agree clarks for me is depressing school shoe buying *cue standard argument with Mother about heel size v practical shoe) These are gorgeous though and almost wish I was back at school so I could wear the bottom two, wahhhhh!


  9. I am agree with you that Clarks are the best.You have a nice collection of shoes. I like both women casual shoes the most.




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