The Fashion Blog Run-Down #1: August

It's about time things got a bit more interesting over here I think. So say hello to a new feature for my blog - The Fashion Blog Run-Down.

Since starting full-time work, I've got to admit, blogging regularly has become a lot harder.  But on top of that, I've found it tricky to find time to comment on posts, or even keep up to date with my favourite bloggers. And that makes me mighty sad, I tell ya.

So I had a little brainwave today. I've decided that at the end of every month I'll put together a kind of fashion blog run-down. It'll be a blast of outfits (that's the plan at the mo!) based on blogs I've read personally, but if anyone has a blog or outfit to shout about, I'd love to see it, so tweet me! I'm hoping that creating this post monthly will mean I can show some love for awesome blogs and outfits whilst keeping up-to-date with all everyone's cracking clobber.

Expect to see some inspiring ensembles and frickin' good favourites. 
Let's see how this goes then!

UK fashion blogger UK fashion blogger
UK fashion blogger UK fashion blogger

(click on the images to head to each blogger's post)

Summer is almost officially over. Just 3 more weeks left as we head into September according to my old mate Google. I've definitely started to think about my autumn / winter wardrobe. I'm already craving jumpers, hats and jackets. And it looks like a lot of other UK bloggers are too.

1. Amy's Topshop jumper is bloody divine. I've got a thing for soft fabrics (in a normal-as-possible way). I want a pile of fluffy jumpers to roll around in (and wear). Now.
2. Think I may have to nab this asymmetric skirt off of Tasha. It's ideal for autumn - that colour is perfect! If I don't manage to steal it, I'll have to get one myself.
3.  Hermione's outfits always stand out as they often have a couple of pops of colour in them. Her neon beanie looks fab with her skirt - definitely going to add a couple more to my collection!
4. This shirt dress that Charlotte is wearing would be awesome for layering up with as it gets colder. Must. Not. Look. On. Monki.

Annnnd now I have many things to add to my A/W need list. Bet you guys do too!


  1. Love all of these outfits! This is such an awesome idea for a new post series too! xxx


  2. This is such a fab idea for a post! I work full time too and I find it so hard keep up with everyones amazing blogs on top of working 5 days a week! By the time I get chance to check them out there's so many different posts to catch up on and I want to leave like a gazilion comments! x


  3. These outfits are all great, thanks for sharing these womens' amazing style!

  4. I'm so glad you're doing this - I love finding new blogs!

    I must have that fluffy jumper in my life, and I agree, Monki is terrible for making me want to buy everything and anything on that site x

  5. This is a great idea - looking forward to reading more of these posts! I've already been getting very excited over Amy's jumper - it looks SO cosy xx


  6. Thank you so much for including me lovely! I can't wait to have a look at the other blogs! This is such a good idea and I can't wait to see your next one so I can browse some more blogs :) xx

  7. You a babe!! I'll let you borrow my skirt don't worry ;) xxx

  8. LOVE the idea behind this post, its such a good idea :) x

  9. I looove these kinds of posts! I already follow Amy and Tasha but I'll be checking out Charlotte and Hermione's now!

    Sam x

  10. Such a good idea for a blog!
    I've been posting outfits inspired by the neon trend this week :)
    Laura x

  11. Totally agree...that asymmetric skirt is divine! I need me one of these!


  12. woohooo all my favies in one post! Thanks so much for the feature you fluffy loving thang you xx

  13. Charlotte reminds me of you. I just checked her blog and I love it. =^.^=

  14. That skirt is the bomb.com!



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