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Quilted Bunny Sweater | Topshop
Shirt | Lashes of London (similar at Missguided here or here)
Joni Jeans | Topshop
Studded Flats | Risky Fashion *

Things have been a little busy over here (once again)! I had an absolute cracker of a weekend though. Amy, Tasha and myself had a little getaway in Edinburgh together (well romantic). Burgers, daiquiris, pasta, a pot of tea at midnight and cooked breakfast (not to mention some hilarious conversations) made for a super 24 hours together! Oh, and we bravely ventured into the Edinburgh Dungeons. Shamefully, I was more terrified than the 7-year-old-girl in our group. I did get spat on by some kind of demon - what a treat. A cannibal also took a liking to my teeth. Quite the experience.

Anyhow, I've been meaning to share this jumper for ages. I'm quite obsessed with it actually. It looks perfect with a shirt underneath! These shoes were also an absolute bargain. If any of you are looking for some true bargz head over to Risky Fashion. I think these shoes were about a fiver - incredible, right?!

Well aware that I look like a mystical kinda creature here, emerging from some magical mists... alas, they are just curtains. What a shame.

Ps. Final days to enter my OASAP giveaway!


  1. Haha if only behind curtains were magical places!! love the jumper :) xx

  2. This is the cutest jumper possibly ever! xo

  3. That jumper is awesome, so so cute! x

  4. Hahahah best weekend EVER. Love this outfit you gorge bean! Those shoes are a delight (and that jumper - oh so GRAVY baby!)
    I miss our adventures already, sucks to be back at work! BOO


  5. LOVE that jumper, so cool! those shoes are pretty cool too

    Julia x

  6. Oo that jumper is so cute! Love the shoes too!

  7. That is the cutest jumper ever and i am loving those shoes! xo

  8. Loving your shoes & heart tattoos, so cute :-)

    Sophie soinspo




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