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Despite the sunshine seemingly creeping into these photos, the weather is just grim. Sigh. Rain, storms, even some snow today apparently?! Unfortunately my trusty, bright pink Ikea brolly isn't stylish enough to make the cut on my blog! Expect to see more indoor snaps... the trials and tribulations of outfit blogging eh! Guess outdoor photos are going to have to bemore of a seasonal thing!

As I've been a bit freezing recently, layering up has been vital. This slip dress is so good for layering. Pop a shirt or a tee under it - easy business. Means I don't have to wear my massive fur coat yet and can still get away with a leather jacket and a woolly hat!

These shoes... I just cannot wear them enough. They took about 2 weeks to arrive, but oh myyyy, are they worth it! They are so comfortable (apart from chaffing my ankles slightly... but I'll let 'em off!) and are perfect for making my short-ass legs look a tad longer. I don't think I'll be wearing them to the fireworks tomorrow though... gotta dig out the wellies!


  1. Purrr, those boots <3 I adore the shirt under a dress as well, so 90s :) xx

  2. YOU FIXED THE STRAP YOU WIZARD! Or did you get a new one? xx

    1. Haha I fixed it chum - got my little sewing kit out like an elf yesterday! The flapping strap is NO MORE. xx

  3. I absolutely love your shoes! And I looove winter layering - never is it more acceptable to wear EVERYTHING you own at once ! xo

  4. love the layering in this outfit, the dress looks gorgeous with the shirt xx

  5. Loving this look, your layering is awesome!

  6. I remember them selling out from work almost instantly those boots. They look loosh on you. Love the slip! x

  7. Haha congratulations on DIYing that dress back to life!!
    Tarzan is no more! Pleased you managed to fix it bud :)
    Looks saucy with the checked number underneath

    MISS CHEW xxx

    Tasha | So On Trend

  8. I love these boots!! Wouldn't have thought of putting this dress over a shirt but it looks really good!


  9. I've had that exact same problem with blogging, first world blogger problems in Winter eh ;) At least you have good light indoors, you look fab! <3 Claire @ Jazzpad

  10. Loving those boots. They are lush.


  11. Oh I heart slip dresses even though the weather is so wrong for them right now... also the black fluffy rug... I am fully getting one of those in my future home! xxx

  12. this outfit is really cute, I love the gold detailing on the dress.




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