Harrods Christmas Fashion Wishlist 2013

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A Christmassy post. Yes, I went there. There's five and a half(ish) weeks to go until the day with turkey and all the trimmings. Got to say though, I can be a little bah humbug before December hits. I'm really not one for putting a tree up way in advance, or cracking out a Christmas tune before the 1st December. But there's certainly one big old part of Christmas festivities I love and that I'm more than happy to partake in at any time of the year. Shopping.

Now, what better store to focus my ultimate Christmas wishlist on than Harrods? For me, Harrods is incredible for not only it's famous Christmas window displays, but also for the sweet, sweet co-existence of food and clothes in one place. Luxury food + designer clothes = the dream.

Clothing and all things sweet are generally top of my Christmas lists, hence my Harrods picks! My favourite items have to be the black oversized The Row jumper and the Michael Kors bag. They'd look fab together. I love cosy knits as I'm forever complaining I'm cold... and hungry. So if the pretzels can go in the Michael Kors bag - that'd top it all off.
What designer items would be top of your dream Christmas wishlist? Also, if you're planning on popping to the store for some Christmas inspo, I'm so jealous! Darn living in the midlands.

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  1. that michael kors bag is just gorgeous
    abi from a little dust

  2. Ah that watch is on my wish list too, so gorgeous!

  3. The row oversized chunky jumper....yes please x


  4. I got the Michael Kors bag a few months ago and I adore it! x




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