Slogan T-Shirt (Primark) | love this tee from ASOS!
Bike Jacket (H&M) similar from New Look

Star Print Jeans |
Leopard Heels (Miss KG, out of stock, wahh) | try these snazzy babes from Faith
Western Style Belt |

📷 by Pear Bear Photography

So... I'm back! HELLO OUT THERE 👽. It's been a while hasn't it. Over a year in fact... and a LOT has changed those 365+ days (including getting a new job, a puppy and a house...!). I feel out of the blogging loop big time. And I'm missing it! Hence this attempt of getting back into the game.

Without getting too excited here over some cotton, these jeans have fast become my absolute faves. They're a (ridiculously) cheap take on these Stella McCartney Star Jeans - but a bit grottier looking (in a good way?!). Nabbing these for just £25 was one of my best denim purchases ever. You can get similar ones from Glamourous here. Talking of a good purchase, an inpromptu Primark trip resulted in me grabbing this £5 San Franciso printed tee. I hadn't been in for an age, so when I spotted this bad boy amongst some other beaut slogan t-shirts I had to get it.

Right, that was weird. Good weird though. C'ya next Sunday!


  1. OH YAY you're back and looking gorgeous! Congrats on the job, puppy and house. Can't wait for more next Sunday <3 x

    1. Thanks so much 😊 Looking forward to getting back into it!! X




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