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With gazillions of apps around these days and new ones emerging all the frigging time, I thought I'd give a run down of my faves right now. These all make my life better or easier in some way and are all absolutely free! Yaaaas 🙌 But first, lets take a moment to admire my super cute pup on my phone background.... aww!


With so many photo editing apps around it's hard to know which ones to actually bother downloading. I've got a few - including Afterlight (not free! But only 79p. Can't complain!), Photoshop Express and Snapseed. Snapseed is my absolute go-to though. It has pretty much everything you need from an editing app. And it becomes really natural to use. It can be a little confusing at first (you slide your finger up and down and back and forth to edit generally speaking), but it becomes so natural after a few uses.

How to use Snapseed AppBest image editing App
I discovered this app browsing through some other blogger posts around photo editing, after becoming a bit 'meh' with some of the other apps I mentioned. To note a couple of my fave elements of the app: the selective tool, which means you can increase saturation, brightness or highlights/shadows in specific areas of your image (ay-may-zing if you have shoddy lighting, or your iPhone camera fails you), and add lens blurs that look natural(not easily achievable via a phone!). It's completely free and has such an array of editing options - I'd really recommend downloading it here.


After using imgur for a good few years, I only recently discovered they had an app! I use imgur to host my images, it's not failed me so far! Personally, I find it easier to use than Flickr. Given I also now have the app, it means I can easily access everything I upload from my laptop on my phone and vice versa. All my blog post images go on here, so it's also an easy library for me to go into and grab Instagram photos.

Best image uploading App
how to use imgur App


A classic, but a good'un. I use Notes for a huge variety of stuff. Listing out ideas for outfits or blog posts generally, writing captions for Instagram posts (if I want to insert new lines, I'll simply copy and paste text in from Notes - I'm sure you guys know that hack!) and storing my generic hashtags for posts. The latter is my fave use of the app, as it means I can easily tweak my hashtags per post and simply copy and paste them in. Plus, I can utilise that new line hack to hide my hashtags, so I don't look like a hashtag crazy mofo.

Instagram hashtags iPhone notes

Again, I'm sure you guys know this easy way to hide hashtags! But you simply put 5 full stops on separate lines and pop your hashtags underneath, copy and paste that out and into a comment on your Insta post and voila! Cya ugly hashtags.


Pretty obvious this one. I use Reminders literally every single day... it's much needed given work days are mad and I like to try to structure out my week in terms of when I'm going to dedicate time to blogging shiz. 

Reminder and Scheduling App blogging

It's also super satisfying to check things off. 'Mark as completed' is just THE best thing 😂 - anyone else...?! I really need this babe of an app in my life and literally cannot see how I'd get by without it!


Another relatively recent discovery, I found UNUM browsing for a free alternative to Planoly, after discovering to my horror that Planoly had a monthly fee of about £7 a month 😲. It's not a lot, I'll give you that. But if you can get something that's almost the same for free, I'm always down with the freebie option! I'll admit, I did actually prefer Planoly, but I'll deal with the minor gripes of UNUM!

UNUM app instagram planning

UNUM basically allows you to 'preview' your Instagram feed and set scheduling reminders or even write the text for your post. My main use of it is planning out my Instagram feed. Planonly does a little more I think, but nothing I'm majorly fussed about.

I don't get too obsessive over what order I put my photos up in, or which photos I use. But I'm not great at making decisions about photos! So I use the app to guide me in what might look best on my feed at that time. If you've had a Planoly trial and they're asking for those few hard earned pounds a month (hold up, that's TWO Boots meal deals. And a bit. Worth the saving IMO) give UNUM a go first before you commit to a monthly plan!


Saving another little treat for last. The Virgin Red app was a random find a few weeks back. However, it's FAST become a fave. Simply because there's always a 2 for 1 Nero offer knocking around on it. And there just so happens to be a Caffe Nero round the corner of me from work. Handy. It's a bit of a random app in all honesty. It hosts discounts (including 10% off Just Eat at the mo, as well as those Caffe Nero offerson hot and cold drinks), quizzes, tasks and other, well, random things.

Virgin Red App Nero offer

It's a bit mental to navigate. I''ll describe it as the younger, more erratic brother of the O2 Priority app (which needless to say, is a classic and most visited on a Monday for a £1 meal deal!). But there's still some nice savings to be had via the Virgin Red app. And you don't need to be a Virgin customer to use it (as far as I'm aware!)  - they obv just want to know more about you, probably to send you more marketing. Yay! But I'm down with that for some discounts.

And those are my favourite apps right now! A right old variety there for you all to explore. What are your faves? I'm all over trying out your app recommendations too!


  1. Such a useful post! Already downloaded Unum and started using it :)
    xx Dylan

  2. Oooh some good apps I didn't know about! I always use VSCO for editing and filters :-)

  3. Hadn't heard of Snapseed, will have to check it out x

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