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Well, another couple of weeks have flown by, but I've got a bright little outfit for ya. A bit of a rarity from my wardrobe. Plus, a few thoughts around how I'm focusing on being more happy. 

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Isabel Marant Jaeryn style shoes
Zara orange playsuit skort
Zara orange chain shoulder bag
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Orange Playsuit | Zara 
(loving this silky Misguided number too)
Faux Leather Jacket | identical @ ASOS
Orange Chain Strap Bag | Zara
Studded Sandals | New Look
(Isabel Marant Jaeryn dupes that I'm crazy for, but out of stock now 😩)

I completely admit I've been a grouch the past few weeks. Literally, call me Oscar... and someone buy me this kids outfit. For me, it's not hard to get into what I'd deem a 'pessimistic-mind-rut', but it's pretty challenging to get out of it. I'll put on chipper chops mode when needed, but really I'm feeling pretty, well, mediocre. So here's some thoughts that help me snap out of moping Robyn mode. Lets get deep(ish).

I can't do everything.

I'm making headway with this one actually. This one mostly suits my work mode, but it's true outside of that too. I am only one person (at least, I think so), so I have limits. I need to be honest about those limits and know where to push them and where to reign it in. One of the things bothering me recently is that we moved into our new house nearly a year ago now (holy guacamole). But, we haven't actually decorated at all. 
I'm trying to let this one go as realistically, we're going to be here for years, so it's not something we need to do right now. We've also got money in other places. And in all honesty, choosing colours of paint sounds easy, but this is me (seriously indecisive about menial things) it's going to take a lonnnng time!

I'm in a good place.

By this, I mean I have everything I could need. A house, a car (albeit, with a huge cracker of a dent in it), a boyfriend, a dog, my family... the list goes on. Again, thinking about the small problems that might crop up day to day in context helps. Although it can be easy to get thrown in the moment. Thinking about these things makes the shit that gets me down seem insanely trivial to what a lot of other people have to deal with.

I need to do what's right for me.

Even if I don't want to admit it's the right thing, or it might not be the right thing for other people. I'm not someone who necessarily makes impulsive decisions anyway. But a few years back, I wouldn't make a decision or do something for me, it was always for someone else. This is where blogging has helped me out, because it's something I do for myself. 
Decisions shouldn't always be selfish. But there are times when they have to be. 

I should push my boundaries.

Some of the happiest times I've experienced have been when I've done something that I wasn't actually sure about. This fits tiny choices (like choosing a different curry, because I feel like I'm a as risky as a malted milk biscuit when it comes to curry. I kid you not), right up to massive life changing decisions, like getting a dog. 
I knew Bowie would be a lot of work (the biggest understatement of my short-ish life 😂) and that made me question getting a puppy. But it's been a life experience, shall we say, including a very sorry end for my skirting boards, and I wouldn't have things any different now!
So I need to keep on creating and taking on new and different challenges. Because even though they might not seem like the most obvious route to a happy outcome, you've got to take an educated risk at times. You might find a really good curry too. And wearing orange is definitely breaking boundaries for me! And the sales of fake tan generated by a single person (me).

There we have it. I already feel a bit better for writing this post actually and getting my brainwaves into a few hundred characters. How do you guys get your minds back on track when you've been in a not-so-happy rut?


  1. Writing things out can be so cathartic! I absolutely love this outfit. I find not slobbing around in the same clothes and making time to do my favourite things helps me get right back on track! xx

  2. This is such a great post Robyn, gives a lot of food for thought for me at the moment! You look stunning as well girl, just gorgeous! x

  3. Loved this post hun, so honest and I love the outfit too! xx

  4. Thanks for making my morning commute enjoyable - this was a great post. Definitely nice to write things down and get it out x

  5. Your posts stand out from the others. Good job!




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