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Oh hi January 1st 2017. How did you happen?! They weren't lying when they said the older you get, the quicker the years pass by. I'm not much of the reminiscing type (if that's a thing), but I wanted share with you some of my plans for the next 364 days. From a new job, to blog plans and more - let's make it good one! Oh and please enjoy this whimsical photo of me.

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I turn 25

Yep, imma be a quarter of a century old. I'm not feeling negative about it in the slightest - actually, I'm pretty pleased that and feel I've got my shit (relatively) together. However, I do feel like it should be a marker for something. I'm not sure what this could be yet, but we'll see after March 9th (*nudge nudge* birthday cards... and maybe a new car welcome 😁)

I remember at school, we were asked in class what age we wanted to be when we had kids - we were probably in year 10. Good old PSHE - I'm sure any British kids have fond memories of those lessons. Everyone held up those little whiteboards (lols) with ages ranging from 21-28. I scrawled '27' on mine. It's mental to think I'm only 2 years away from that now. Life seriously creeps up on you! My mind couldn't be any further from babies right now. Unless of the furry type. Anyway. I'm keenly awaiting to see what being 25 brings, if anything!

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Starting a new job

I'm excited (and nervous) to be making a move in my career in 2017.  The role is still in marketing and full time, as I've been doing since leaving uni in 2013, but in a completely new sector. Although I was promoted in my current job recently, I just have a real gut feeling that this is the right move for me. It really feels right.

I'm seriously sad about leaving my current work pals behind, having made some really incredible friends over the past 2ish years. I've also got to work closely with some of my favourite brands, which has been cool. But it's time something different. A new challenge. It's a great company too with some awesome benefits, like a free gym on site... taking us nicely onto my next point!

Being healthy

Ah, that New Year classic: health and fitness. 2016 was a shocking year for my health generally. I think I recall going to the gym maybe about 8 times... *gulp*. My eating habits haven't been that great either. Convenience and cravings sum up my consumption over the past year. In 2015 I was ridiculously on it with my health. Gymming 3-4 times a week and taking time to consider what I was putting into my body. This year, I've been chucking all the chocolate bars, cans of coke and packs of crisps down my neck. It's been fun, but long-term health-wise it ain't gonna cut it.

I'm going to chill in Jan and Feb while I settle into my new job. Then my focus will be to ensure that sometime around March I'm happy with my new routine of food and fitness. Updates to come I'm sure! I love buying gym clothes... I just rarely use them. So it's time to get my sweat on again. Yum. 

biker jacket H&M
pink and black stiped top
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Get wiser with my dollar

As per the previous paragraph, disgustingly guilty of spending money when I don't need to. Ie. do I really need that sports bra when I haven't gone to the gym for a month? Do I really need 3 pairs of those (wonderfully gorgeous) Topshop boots... surely one pair will suffice!? Do you REALLY need a Deliveroo for the fourth week in a row. No - no Robyn. You don't.

I'm lucky that I have enough money coming in each month to live off, with a little spare to spend as I like. This year, I want to make more considered choices with it. There are bigger things that I want to save for. 

Doing our house up is something I'm super eager to get cracking with. It's one of the first things on my list to start investing in now. Time to snap out of impulse purchasing and put my cards back in my wallet. Sorry ASOS and my Mastercard's other bessies, like Just Eat and anywhere that sells coffee. We'll see how long it lasts though. Given I went a bit wild in Primark and Topshop only yesterday. But hey, that was technically last year, right?!

Work harder at my blog

I still love blogging. A lot. Although, I've written before about why blogging isn't as easy as it may seem. Taking some great photos or writing a few paragraphs is just 20% of it. And right now, I'm not taking the time to really make what I am doing valuable. I'm not really doing the other 80% of the work on my blog that I'd like to do - if that makes any sense. Time is a big constraint. But I'd like to know your hacks to making blogging easier, or generally more time efficient! So please share any tips or posts with me.

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Staying connected

Both in my digital and real life, I'm sometimes a bit shit at keeping in touch with people. As easy as sending a quick message to someone, or leaving a comment on a blog might seem, it's not been at the forefront of my mind over the past few months. I really hate to think things like this might take a backseat because of work, tiredness, or pure laziness - let's face it, I totally sit on the sofa like a sack of spuds a binge watch Man Vs Food some Saturdays.

I want people to know I value them - whether that's by me reciprocating a sweet comment on my blog, or instigating a conversation with an old pal. Side note: I met up with an amazing friend from college when I was at home in December and it was seriously wonderful.

Rifling though digital content is how I spend a lot of my spare time. Reading fantastically witty, engaging and honest ramblings, or watching super helpful Youtube vids - I spend hours doing it! There's so much goodness out there. It's weird to think I don't bother to leave many comments on my internet ventures. They're so so nice to receive and it only takes a few seconds to do. So note to self, take an extra 30 seconds to leave a nice comment back! 

Note: I'm so sorry if you've left me any unreciprocated comments over the past few months! I will get better at this, I promise.

That's a good note to end on I think. It sounds uber cheesy, but New Year really is about considering how to do things better. And I think getting older (it's inevitable!), a new job, making my health a priority, being less impulsive with my money, utilising my blog better and staying connected with people are all going to be key for me in making the next 364 days a success. Not 365, as today doesn't count. Especially if I get a McDonalds for tea. 

Get ready to vom at this cliche, but let's raise a glass - albeit of water, if you're feeling worse for ware today... or easier still, a metaphorical glass - to a successful year. And remember, even if things go to pot and Mc Donalds happens a bit too much, just make sure you bloody enjoy it!

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  1. Happy new year! I'd love to be turning 25 again this year, I think hitting 30 is making me wish I could start going backwards!

  2. Happy new year!! Well I hope you get some awesome presents for your 30th ❤ x

  3. Robyn this is a lovely post, I know what you mean about reciprocating the blog love you receive, even my blog posts have been a bit crap recently. Once you find out some top tips on juggling it all let me know!xxx

    1. Thank you Tiff! I sure will share any productivity tips... I might even put out a twitter request 😂 x

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