black ruffled jumper

Frills. Ruffles. Whatever you want to call them, I'm ridiculously into them right now. Ruffles have been filling my favourite high-street and online shops since late last 2016. Replicating some of the frilly and exaggerated trims seen on catwalks, with far more affordable price tags. Fast forward to spring and frills are still set to be a key trend. Thank the fashion people - as I can't be bothered with one-season wonders.

Wearing: Frill trim jumper from New Look

In preperation for wearing ruffles even more over the next few months, I've compiled a few different takes on the trend I'm into right now. As well as all forms of frills featuring on 85% of my Instagram feed. You'd literally think the algorithm was based on the size of sleeves and amounts of excess material on trousers right now. Thanks to some of my best internet pals (namely ASOS, Topshop, Boohoo, Mango, and Office) I've found some budget-friendly and mid-range options that are well worth checking out.

1. The frilled blouse

Kicking this OTT fabric party off is a year round classic for all occasions - the blouse. I'm loving frilled blouses for work or weekends. They're perfect paired with jeans (my fave right now are ASOS Farleigh jeans) and equally cool with a midi or mini skirt. I'm all over the bold and brash meeting of animal print with the frill trend - this £14 Boohoo leopard frill blouse is insanely cool. And this transitional Mango check blouse is ideal for this time of year.

2. Gingham, gingham, gingham.

As a general lover of gingham, I cannot deal with combo of gingham and ruffles. In a good way. There are so many great examples of this right now, particularly this Topshop gingham jacket and matching frilled shorts. Yes, a GINGHAM RUFFLED SHORT SUIT. Although, admittedly, not the cheapest pieces in this post... just imagine it paired with a plain white shirt or band tee. Now tell me you don't want to eat soup until pay day hits to buy it.

3. Ruffled leather

Comparable to marmite is a bit of flounce on a leather good. Probably repulsive to some, but personally, I'm all a frill on anything. And that includes shoes and bags. These Office ruffled boots are total J.W.Anderson dupes that I'm in serious danger of buying. They could be such a timeless option (and they're almost half price right now!). Also mega obsessed with this Topshop ruffle bag. All black + ruffles = one sassy bag.

4. Better than basic basics

Add a frill or two to basic and that's something special right there. Being honest, I'm a fan of chilling in joggers on the weekend. But how good would I feel about wearing joggers with a stream of ruffles down each side? The answer: I'd feel pretty fucking fabulous. I'm also a big fan of all the frill-trimmed t-shirts at Boohoo, a cheap and simple nod to frilling up. Beyond classic jersey items, try Topshop's ruffle hemmed trousers (these ones are big blogger news right now and just £24) or even frayed frills on the back of a denim jacket (seriously, Topshop are nailing this trend!). 

And that's it. All my favourite flouncy buys in one place. And in the course of compiling this, it would seem that I've just managed to buy myself enough ruffles to grace a whole team of real-life flamenco ladies 💃💃💃💃- don't pretend you're not impressed. And if you're genuinely not, well... at least I'm getting more material for my money over here 💁.

What's your fave take on the frill trend? Loving ruffled leather? Or grabbing all the gingham you can get your hands on? Let me know!


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