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If you'd have known me as a kid, you'd probably be shocked if you met me now. Not just because I was desperate to be an archaeologist (I really liked Time Team...). Needless to say, that didn't go to plan. You'd be stunned because I was an insanely timid child. But look at me now posting my photos all over the bloody internet?!


I have no other way of describing myself as a young'un other than timid. I'm sure my mum would chirp in with a slightly nicer mum-like synonym, i.e. 'sweet', if she could (hi mum). One example to show the extent my shyness - I used to feel physically sick at the thought of saying 'yes Miss' in response to the register at school. I can genuinely remember the awful feeling in my stomach in my year five classroom. It's genuinely making me feel on edge now just talking about it...

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And now, I've got a career, a blog, a degree, opinions that I voice (I know several people who will totally second that 😂). All of which, arguably, take (lady?) balls. So how did I get here?

Well, I'm going to credit my dad with helping me gain a lot of my confidence. My dad and I would have so many same-y conversations, with me utterly petrified at the thought of doing something. Filled with self doubt, wracked with nerves. And he'd give me the very same piece of advice every time. I remember in so many of these scenarios, he'd simply say: 'just pretend to be confident'.

It might sound wrong - like you're pretending to be someone you're not. But I'm living proof that faking confidence can really work. To be honest, it's something I didn't really get until I was about 16 or so. I didn't think I could do it. My dad made it sound so simple. But now, I probably do it every single day in some way.

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It is actually pretty simple though. I fake confidence when I'm prepping for something I'm crapping myself about, or if I'm thrown into a situation. I guess it's kind of CBT-ish really. Also, as a bit of a disclaimer, there's also nothing wrong with being shy, but I know how hard it can make your life!

I'm not saying this is a cure-all, I'm not 100% confident. It probably won't surprise you, given all this, I was diagnosed with anxiety a few years back. I can see now how it showed itself in my childhood in retrospect. But pretending to be confident where I need to has helped me prove to myself that I can be confident. And it's all shown me that I do actually already have confidence. I just need to be proactive in using it more (I have paper bags to hand if anyone is about ready to throw up).

Just a brain spew on a Sunday, but given I mentioned confidence in my last post about saying no more often, I thought I'd follow up with this today! Have any of you guys struggled with your confidence too?


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  1. Killing it babe - looking amazing! xx

  2. Miss you Robs! This post is amazing xx

  3. Obsessed with this look! The boot and jean combo is perfect! xx

  4. Love this outfit! You look fab. :)
    I completely relate to being timid in younger years and also at saying 'yes miss'. I hated having to speak during class.
    'faking it' is definitely the way. I'm not a big voice even now. Around people I know, I speak up, but new people it's like being back in class and I nod


    1. Thank you! And so glad you can relate - i feel you on the new people thing too x




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