Valentine's Day outfit
Ah, Valentine's Day. Another day where the sun rises in the East and sets in the West and pigs don't fly. How wonderfully pessimistic of me. Really though, Valentine's Day is just another day... isn't it? Well, I've realised this year that maybe it's not.

Lace Up ChokerLip Liner in MulberryTie Front ShirtFlared Frayed Hem Jeans, all c/o New Look, from their Valentine's shop.

I won't be expecting a dozen red roses or a box of chocolates. In fact, I'd rather pass on the flowers (all that watering malarky, erm, I can barely water myself. And SPIKES on something that's meant to show love...? Fifty Shades or what!). A box of chocolates wouldn't go amiss, but I can easily buy and chow down on a big bar of Cadbury's in about 2 minutes flat. Nothing special there mate.

If you read my post about being anything but traditionally girly. I doubt any of this will come as a surprise to you. But, all that said, I still love feel sassy. Especially in what I wear. And I guess Valentine's is as gooder time as ever for feeling sassy. Whether you're with someone, or not.

UK style bloggerfrayed hem flared jeans

That being said, I went out for carbs (and lots of them) at lunch today with my boyfriend of almost 8 years, Matt. A kind of 'err shit we'd better do something for Valentine's Day and we've got a voucher from Christmas' situ. Feeling risky, with pizza on the cards, I wore this stunning white shirt from New Look - not the lippy though, as 100% more interested in scoffing my face than touching up lippy. Although, can I just say, New Look lipliners are the bomb. I also have one in Mocha, which is the most amazing cool nude-ish brown. Anyway, I digress...

I felt damn elegant wearing it - considering I was eating pizza with my hands. Apparently that's a no go in a restaurant according to Matt, but oh well. It's obviously the superior means of consumption. My usual environment on a Sunday morning is pretty far removed from this. Think:

  • Spoons, propped up by a chair that's seen better days, and shovelling a large breakfast, that's equally seen better days. But is arguably delicious.
  • Or maybe a sluggish trek around Aldi in joggers, rummaging through boxes of rice, trying to locate the one with quinoa in it. 
  • Or even cleaning. Yay, cleaning. Cue the romantic scent of bleach.

Yeah, my weekends get wild. So, today's pre-Valentine's treat has actually been... well, quite nice.

white new look shirtsilver new look boots

In all, I guess even if you're not a massive fan of Valentine's Day, it does provide us with a good excuse, or two. A good excuse for whipping out something fancy to wear - or treating yourself to something new. Although, I really don't need any more excuses buy things for myself! And a good excuse to forget about the crappy day to day crap of life, even if it's just for a couple of hours. And courtesy of a Christmas voucher.

Spend some time doing something just a little bit special with the person(s) you love. Even if the person you love is you - don't throw up, the next sentence softens the nausea caused by this one. Or your needy, stanky dog.

Maybe Valentine's Day isn't all that bad.

This post was sponsored by New Look (who are killing it right now 🙌)

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  1. Love this top and this is probably the sassiest I've ever seen you look �� I love it! I think v day is cute �� Embrace the loveeeee xxx

  2. This outfit is absolutely sass-elicious!! You mega-babe you.
    Also, v brave of you wearing this top and eating pizza - I'm proud xxx

    1. Thanks snazzpot.

      Next time we'll eat pizza TOGETHER in white tops. Plz x




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