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Twenty-five. It's kinda nice to meet you after all these years. The big pre-thirty milestone. An arguably meaningless milestone at that. Oh and do you like how I've tied my jumper into this post 😏? Thought so.

Anyway, I've totally hit a quarter-life crisis. Not just in relation to one thing. Oh no. We're talking multiple (ok, maybe ten) moments of questioning my quarter-of-a-century life. So let's get right into it!


1) Envying my dogs chilled-as-fuck lifestyle. 

Snoozing, pulling needy faces and eating sausages all day must be hard. Oh, and of course, your insurance has doubled this year. You little prick.

2) Two words: career anxiety. 

What should my career be like right now? Am I doing ok? Will I really be doing this until 2060?! I had to check my state pension age then, which has now made me feel sick. It'll apparently be 68 for me. Congratulations to the government for making me want to vom.

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3) I'm approaching thirty. 

I'm sure that means something big and special should happen. But I'll probably still be sat on my sofa in my dressing gown at 1pm on a Sunday, writing a quarter-life crisis blog post with my dog farting on me in five years time. Definitely not big or special.

4) I'm officially OLD at music.

I swear, about ten years ago, discovering new music was so me. But I couldn't be further from that now. I was singing 1999 Britney whilst making pancakes this morning. Christ, I really am getting old. If you now feel like listening to a bit of Britters, here's the tune I was singing. Enjoy.

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5) And back to Britney, her lyrics have never been so relevant to my life. 

"Not a girl, not yet a woman". I may or may not have listened to this song alone, weeping and incidently howling "TELL ME WHAT I AM BRITNEY. PLEASE."

6) How does budgeting work again?

Fortunately, I've had a stable income for a good few years. But I still can't suss out when to stop shopping on ASOS. I'm probably known as 'parcel girl' at work. The guy on the post desk definitely hates me.

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7) I'm a norm with Instagram struggles. 

AKA a plain old normal human, trying to make my life look exciting. Most of my weekends are spent cleaning or doing life admin. No one wants to see that kinda content. Let's circle back to that image of me in my dressing gown, a little bit sweaty from hoovering actually (TMI), sat next to a dog with gas whilst typing this. FAB-U-LOUS.

8) What are these scary articles about your skin after twenty-five?!

Read, 'your youthful skin will now go to shit'. Thank you life. And why did the man in Space NK reiterate this to me when I told him it was nearly my 25th birthday? Get away from me with your fear mongering, you cruel but well-highlighted man. I'm not ready for this.

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9) Is it ok that getting married isn't a priority for me? 

I've mentioned this before, but let me list just a few of things: stress, saving, planning. All things I really would rather avoid where possible. That would mean no more midnight online shops that make me feel sick upon reflection the morning after. I'm not down with that. Because I secretly love it. But FYI, I'm totally up for the cake.

10) Timehop things on Facebook become torturous.

'6 years ago today'... up pops a photo of you and your uni flatmates eating donuts in pyjamas at 3pm on a Tuesday, whilst planning a very deep-fried heavy Chinese later that evening. And watching at least 6 hours straight of Friends. Urgh. Second degree anyone...?

I probably have another five of these in the bag, but I think that's enough of my anxious and ageing brain for one blog post. I'd love to know about your quarter-life crisis too, so we can wallow in our strange concerns and fears together 👍


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  1. Completely relate to number 4, I'm still listening to 2006 indie & pop punk! Anna i'm so up for a second degree! xx

    1. So glad you could relate!! Right, back to uni we go! x

  2. OH GIRL. You have your whole life ahead of you, just wait until you're my age. HA HA. Britney is always appropriate though. Pretty sure she's 37 and has the HOTTEST boyfriend ever. So getting older ain't all bad....

    T x

  3. Hahaha you're so right about Britney 😂👌🏼 x

  4. I love that 90s sweater! and it looks so cool paired with the converses!

  5. Haha, fab post. I'd love to tell you that by your next birthday or even when you get to 30 that you wont have any of these. :p But, that's not the case and I have to agree, at 33, that I have many of these thoughts myself!
    It's all just numbers. Just be happy. :)


  6. Ha! I turn 50 in August and all these still apply. Especially, number 5. The solution? More dogs :-)

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