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I've never ventured into politics on my blog. And this post isn't for talking political parties, or even to enlighten you on my own political stance. This is a post about our opportunity in the coming weeks. Our opinion. Our power. Our say over something significant - something we only get to do every few years.

I get it - voting ain't easy at times. But here's why we should all do it, regardless of our indecision or disdain for what's on offer.

Let's get into a little storytime...

Back in 2010, aged 18, I was raring to vote for the first time. A sociology student with a strong political inclination and a willingness to prove it, I was the keenest bean you've ever seen - proudly (somewhat nervously) striding into the polling station. A weird sight for the locals of a tiny village in Somerset, 80% of whom I'd guess to be pensioners. In fact, one of the wonderful WI ladies commented that it was lovely to see such a young face at a polling station.

I had no idea what to do. The sight of booths (that can't really be called booths, can they?!) and pens attached to tables by a bit of string (seriously, let's make it TYOP - take your own pen - if times are that hard) was all new to me. The lovely old lady told me what to do. And I did it. I took a few seconds to double (and triple) check the boxes, before fervently making a mark against the candidate I was backing. I popped my piece of paper into a box and - voila - it was over. I'd placed my vote. One among so many votes. But a vote. A vote that mattered - a vote that I felt insanely passionate about. 

The results came in and regardless of the outcome, I'd had my say. My opinion had counted in the tally.

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Come the 2015 election, things were very different for me. Gone was the clarity I'd experienced back in 2010. My mind was fuzzy. I felt lacklustre and incredibly disappointed by what was on offer. There was nothing I was excited about anymore. And I actually felt disappointed in myself. 

Where was my enthusiasm? My decisiveness?
Where were my opinions? ... what was my stance?

As polling day approached, I became frustrated. I tried out the most ridiculous quizzes (who doesn't love a quizzy tho?!) to suss out what I should do. After taking approximately 16273038 quizzes, and reading 634874 articles about the impending vote... probably sending Buzzfeed and BBC's pageviews soaring, plz pay me in Malteesers... I finally came to a realisation.

I had a stance. And, in fact, from my frustration, I found that I did feel passionately about something. 

That something was my objection to what was on offer

I wasn't indecisive, or lacking opinion in the slightest. 

To make my 2015 election experience into a metaphor, I'd compare it to opening the Quality Street on January 1st. When there's just the coconut one, orange crunchy thing and fudgey chocolate left. They might be someone's cup of tea, but they don't do it for me. I'm more an orange / strawberry cream gal FYI. And I might eat the crunchy one and fudge if I really have to, but the coconuts headed straight for the bin fo'sho. Anyway, I digress...

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So, come polling day, I knew exactly what I wanted to do. I headed to the local polling station and I marked my paper. 

For who? Well, no one. I spoiled my ballot. 

I wrote something to the effect of 'everyone's shit' on my card, and in the box it went. 

It sounds pretty hilarious looking back (it still makes me smile), but I was proud of those words. I still am. And you know what? I wouldn't hesitate to do the same again come June, if that's what I decide this time around too. 

Of course, a vote for a candidate counts. But what I'd never really realised (before my google rampage amongst all the quizzes) is that spoiled ballots and unmarked voting cards are also counted.

Sure, we don't hear a whole lot about them. It's all about winners and losers after all. But I didn't want to be part of the 40-odd-percent who don't place a vote at all. For me, not placing your vote means you're not making your feelings known. You are of course free to disagree! But by placing a vote, whatever it is, you're sharing your opinion and being part of the decision.

So come June 8th 2017, if you feel the same as I did back in 2015, please make sure you make your voice heard. Even if it means a couple of old babes in a WI hall might have to read a profane statement you've scrawled with angst onto your ballot paper. It'll be counted. And more power to you if you make a clear decision on a candidate and tick a box with gusto as I did way back in 2010!

Maybe I lied a little when I said I wouldn't share my political perspective! I guess it got a wee bit partisan. But seriously, try your best to get your ass to that polling station (or do that postal vote thang). No matter who you place your vote for this year.

It's a vote for you. It counts.


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  1. This is such an important post Robyn! Thank you for sharing and speaking out, you look beaut as always girl! x

  2. You look gorgeous and talk SO much sense. I felt the exact same as you in 2015 and so didn't vote. I had no idea spoiled papers count - try keeping me away from the polling stations now XOXO

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