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robyn maydayAll too often, we shy away from seeing the good in ourselves. "I love your outfit today!" - is regularly shrugged off with "oh it's just Primark". Or "that was such a kind thing you did" followed up with a casual "ah it was nothing...".

It seems many of us just aren't very good at taking a compliment. Myself included. And we're also pretty shit at recognising amazing things about ourselves.


mango oriental patch bag

Patchwork Denim Jacket - Gap (similar here), Corset T-Shirt - ASOS, Crop Flares - H&M (similar here), Choker - River Island, Oriental Patch Bag - Mango (similar here), Leopard Heels - Miss KG (similar here)

We're kind of conditioned to find errors, pick faults and refute other people's kind words. So, unsurprisingly, it's not the norm to accept a simple compliment, god forbid think 'I look damn good today'. It's hard to accept a nice comment - from someone else, or from ourselves.

I'm my own worst critic. There are both internal and external things that I'd change if I could. And I've come to the realisation that, in all honesty, I spend far too much time concerned about these things. Yet, I rarely make any attempt to value the things I do like about myself.

So when I got these photos back from Anna the other day, I was really excited to share them for a few reasons.
  1. I thought the location was awesome. We'd planned to shoot elsewhere, but they let us down. So (traipsing around Nottingham and) coming across this incredible place (The Curious Townhouse) was an amazing find.
  2. I love the styling on reflection. I questioned the double denim pre-shoot. But I love how it looks.
  3. I decided I actually quite liked how I looked in a lot of the photos.
Robyn Mayday UK style blogger
Robyn Mayday UK fashion blog
Curious townhouse nottingham patch denim jacket

I get that this might come across as totally vain. But I wanted to take a moment to appreciate that I'd allowed myself to feel good about something. Good about collaborating creatively and making a shit situation work. Good about my outfit. Good about my appearance. It was... well... good to let myself recognise those feelings.

Sure, there will always be those little niggles that make us feel unhappy or inadequate, whether about internal or external issues. But seriously, take the time to recognise the things about yourself / the things you've done that make you happy. Because so many of us are really shit at it.

So, whether it's a shit-hot cat flick eyeliner day (plz tell me your secrets, eyeliner wizard), a good deed for a pal, an amazing result at work, or if you're just feeling yourself in the mirror today. Feel good about taking a moment to appreciate you. Because there's nothing wrong with feeling fierce AF.


Robyn Mayday British style blogger patch denim jacket


  1. You look amazing in these photos babe and you're so right! I am the worst at taking compliments and we should celebrate ourselves <3 Killing it as always with your posts, they get me so inspired! xx

  2. Replies
    1. Quite enjoying that you've managed to comment Deb πŸ‘πŸΌπŸ˜‚

  3. You are killing it Robyn, these photos are just stunning! Love the thought behind this post, so many of us are amazing at being negative about ourselves and pretty terrible at being kind to ourselves! x

    1. Thanks Holl πŸ’• Absolutely- we need to be kinder to ourselves! Xx

  4. Absolutely adore the styling in this! Great photos
    xx Dylan

  5. LOVE this! All of this. You, outfit, pics, location, writing. All so true! :)
    So glad you decided to keep this jacket as you totally rock it!
    We are our own worst critic. We should be our loudest, most badass cheerleader!


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