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Boots - I bloody love'em. My feet have spent approximately 90% of their footy little lives in them, ever since I started buying my own shoes. They remain my go-to footwear, aside from slippers, of course. And right now I can't get enough of seriously bold boots. I mean, just look at these pink suede babies!
Western, platform, cut out or flared heel styles... I'm lusting after them ALL! The wilder, the better.
I know, many of them are kinda out there. But here's why I'm so into them and a few bold-ass-boot options for you to shop right now.

    1. They're ANYTHING but boring

I've got a admission to make. Until about a year ago, my boot buys were boring.

My shoe collection equalled zero on the sass scale. It was crammed with black, mid or high heeled boots. I kept buying the same old shoe. Because I knew they worked. Alas, I picked my couple of fave options and just wore those day-to-day anyway. POINTLESS.

Having expanded my boot horizons over the past year or so, I now own a good selection of statement options, as well as those few fail-safe black styles.

Some of my faves include the pink suede numbers I'm wearing here (how can looking like you have highlighters for feet ever be boring?). These pointed brown babes in this post are seriously cool (and SO ridiculously pointy!). And my tapestry kinda boots from Topshop, featured here, will be perfect all year round.

So long black footwear collection. Aloha fancy feet.


Pink heeled boots

    2. They make an outfit killer

If I'm feeling like my get-up is a little 'meh', or I'm generally feeling uninspired by my wardrobe I can rely on my snazzy boots to give my style kick up the butt.

If I happen to be dressed in monochrome, I'll often opt for a wild boot to jazz things up. No rocket science -  but it's an easy route to a great outfit.

Often I'll build my outfit from the shoe up. It's a great way to put a look together if you're new to wearing bold footwear, or just obsessed with shoes! You can really use the boot as your statement piece and dress around it.

Forget feelings of 'is this too much?!' and dress around the boot. Simple!

    3. Bold boots are versatile

Ah, the aforementioned fear-of-too-much. I do still feel it from time to time, but less often than I used to. These days I really do enjoy pushing my style boundaries whenever I can.

I've become a firm believer in trusting yourself when it comes to outfit combos. At the end of the day, your ideas create your style. So own that and trust in it.

That's what I love about outfit prepping - I can play around with clothes, accessories and footwear like it's a recipe. I'll conjure up something that suits my taste, and maybe chuck in something a bit interesting to keep challenging myself.

So don't feel like you need to stick to a simple outfit to don a strong shoe. For example, what I'm wearing here isn't really 'simple'.

I seriously love how this embroidered bag from Mango looks with my pink boots. The slogan flared sleeve hoodie is another interesting piece, but works well with the other elements. Multiple 'statement' items in one look. Bam.

mango embroidered bag pink boots

4. They're a talking point!

The boots I'm wearing here never fail to attract attention. 

I'm sure some people might comment because they think they're a bit wacky, but actually I've only received positive comments about these beauts.

"Wow! Where are they from?!" is something I've heard a few times when I'm wearing these pink boots. Sadly they've been sold out for ages - wahh! Bring them back plzzz River Island!

As mentioned, I've affectionately named them my highlighter boots. (Stabilo, want a walking advert? I'm right over here 👋?!)

But (embarrassingly?!) they put a smile on my face when I pop them on in the mornings.

Evidently: sassy shoes = smiley Robyn.

I hope you're convinced to join the bold boots crew! If you're already part of it, keep that fancy footwear coming 🙌


pink boots


  1. You are killing it Robyn, so so gorgeous! x

  2. I love your style and how you push the boundaries Robyn! I'm not brave enough to wear bright boots like this but they're absolutely fab and I see why you love them :)

    Gemma x
    The Gem Agenda

    1. Aw thank you! I could totally see you in those boots Gemma! x

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