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I'll admit, seeing a 20/30-something with a designer bag is definitely not the norm (at least where I live, hence this silver beauty from ASOS). And I'll also confess to yelling 'HOLY SHIT' when, out of curiosity, I've googled the price of some seriously dreamy pieces. These gorgeous designer creations have become a familiar sight on my social media feeds over the years, with many influencers repping arm-candy from the likes of Gucci, Chanel and YSL. *Cue me furiously double tapping 99% of these 'grams*. But why are some people a bit dick-ish about seeing them on their social feeds?

Now, regardless of age, I think we'd all agree that having a designer handbag is by no means a given. You are not weird if you don't own one. But you're in a slight majority if you do. This report (albeit, from back in 2014) shows that most people buy bags from high street shops. Although 55% of the respondents in that study had bought a 'high-end' bag before, remember - this study covers 18-64 year-olds. Most of you reading this will probably be 18-34 (cheers Google Analytics). And I'd like to think I'd have a few before I pop my clogs, as an admirer of designer bags. That or maybe 10 dogs. I'll happily be buried with whatever I end up with - bags or dogs. Moving swiftly on...


Star Embroidered Shirt, ASOS - Silver Leather Bag, ASOS - Gingham Frill Trousers, Topshop - Patent Boots, boohoo (similar here)

Anyway, enough of the numbers. I've seen some, arguably, pretty weird and rude tweets lately re bloggers and designer bags. Some about blogger once loved, now becoming 'unrelatable' because of a bag. One assuming their 'daddy' bought it for them, or they must have 'been sent it' and not declaring. I want to cover off these two points specifically: relatability and the assumption that they couldn't possibly be self-funded.

patent boots silver leather bag


One word for you: magazines. Remember those?! I used to pick up various magazines when I was younger (pre-blogger days!). From Glamour to Cosmo, Grazia to Elle (I didn't do Vogue!). They all used to cover premium fashion to varying extents, from what I can remember. Aged 16, I used to love flicking through the gorgeous photography, or glancing over what the celebs were dressed in. Sometimes high-street alternatives would be listed, as you'll see on blogs today. But even if they weren't, I took something from those pages: inspiration.

And for me, today, these influencers with their snazzy bags aren't unrelatable. I can relate to all the influencers I follow in some way: their personalities, their style, their realness. That's why I follow them. So even if designer bags were way out of my reach (will address this in the next paragraph), I'm pretty confident in saying I wouldn't give a shit. I follow people for how they come across and maybe their ideas, quirks and creativity, rather than purely the brands they wear.

Personally, I don't object to content that I'd deem unrelatable to my life. But if it's a problem on your feed - just unfollowYou are in control. If you don't like this post, you can unfollow me. I wouldn't be offended - we just have different opinions. I'll also put it out there that if I wanted to save for a designer bag for a few months, I could afford one. I'd need to avoid ASOS though (... baby, I got a LOT of time for you) and other things I'm saving for would have to go out the window. So for me, it's not completely unrelatable to see someone I follow wearing a fine-ass bag. Things like snazzy cars are way out of my league. However, I still don't object to them on my feed!

UK fashion blog gingham frill trousers Topshop

Daddy's money?

Ok, think: why would it matter if it is? And why should anyone need to declare it? I confess - this one has been way more difficult for me to come to terms with over the years. Some people are just born more fortunate. They might have been wearing Chanel on their feet since 1992.  And you can't expect someone to show the gratitude they may have for their privilidged life through an Instagram feed in every single post.

Going to a uni where some people were insanely well-off, I used to be jealous. Jealous of girls who shopped in All Saints every couple of weeks, wore Louboutins on a night out, or rocked up to lectures with a YSL tote. I felt a bit hard done by. Working in John Lewis cleaning scone crumbs off tables every Saturday, whilst wearing a highly attractive apron and comfort shoes (strong look) - all to shop in New Look.

Unfortunately, you have to terms with the fact that that's life. Some people are just very fortunate. Equally, a lot of us work our little-fucking-socks-off to obtain some nice things. Because of this, I've now bought a house, a dog and have occasional splurges (sorry Mum). But it's not been easy to get to a stage where I earn enough to afford this. Some of it might have been luck, but I'd like to think a lot of it has been dedication in striving toward my version of success.

I've heard a few bloggers talk about how they've saved for months to buy an incredible bag. That takes a lot of willpower (props to you gurl) and, I'd expect, hard work to earn that money in the first place. We're all fortunate to be able to access the bloody internet, for one... or to buy new clothes at all. But with the money we do have, we should spend our dollar however we want.

Of course, designers or retailers will gift influencers with some incredible pieces sometimes. But many of these bloggers spend hours creating incredible content for us to consume and enjoy - week in, week out. So who are we to resent them for receiving a gift from a brand? Or being given the opportunity to work with a label? As long as it's declared as a gift where appropriate, more power to them.


This has gone on longer than anticipated (as usual!). However, I guess what I really mean is... well, don't be a dick about designer handbags. Chanel and Gucci may not be on your shopping list. You may simply choose not to buy into designer goods. But there's no reason to slate or shame someone publically for owning a high-end bag. And if you don't want to see them on your feed?
Just. Un. Follow.

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  1. Loving the fact that you've used the word dick copious times in this post. I don't get it either, why are people so bitter about a bag?! And how does someone owning a bag change their relatable or unrelatable personality? All a bit silly! xx

    1. Phaha! Word of the moment. God knows what this post will rank for, maybe designer dick?!
      Agreed. Nothing to be bitter about!x

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