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A couple of weeks have passed since spring officially sprung, and I'm absolutely living for it. Cue daylight (OMG. YES.) and the best season of trends in forever. Oh and less days of wrapping yourself up in a makeshift clothes-cocoon! Here's why spring is THE superior season IMO...


1. Daylight (!)

The BEST thing about spring.

My mood goes downhill over the darker months and I feel permanently exhausted - I essentially turn into a slug. I want to gorge on carbs all day, every day, which makes me feel like even more of a slug. A carb-filled slug. I'm going to stop saying slug now.

With a couple more hours of light in the day now, I'm already feeling less like a mollusk and more... well... me. Because believe it or not, I'm actually a human.

Waking up at 5:30am to walk Bowie every morning before work is hard. So it's amazing to leave the house when it's starting to get bright out - rather than in the pitch dark. It means I'm actually pretty functional by the time I rock up at work. Always helps when attempting to get on top of that Monday morning inbox situation!

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Hoodie - The Ragged Priest, Spliced long-sleeved tee - boohoo, Patchwork denim skirt - old (similar at River Island), Fishnet tights - ASOS, Tapestry boots - Topshop (sold out, similar at New Look)

2. Spring trends

Ah, new season, new trends. And this season, I'm all over them. My faves being all the pinks (hello fuchsia boots!) and deconstructed pieces (like the hoodie and tee I'm wearing here) that SS17 is bringing to the party.

This is looking like my favourite season for trends for a long time! I've already made several (ahem, maybe more) online shopping sprees to make sure my spring / summer wardrobe is shaping up nicely.


The thought of whipping out skirts, culottes, shorts and the like within the next few weeks is ridiculously exciting. I have SO much time for trousers. But I'm dead keen to hunt through my leg-flaunting pieces from this time last year and suss out the gems I can wear again this season.

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4. Wardrobe and general clear out

Clear outs are something I've always done pretty regularly. But recently I've got a littttle bit carried away with buying new pieces, without giving a new home to the old ones. A rifle through my drawers and hangers is so overdue!

I made a (quick) stab at it and uploaded some bits to my depop, but selling has been slow going. So I think I might go back to my old bessie eBay and get my ass down to the charity shop! A good clear out is so therapeutic. And if you're anything like me, you'll come across oldies you forgot you even had. I might even find some easy wins for new season outfit posts.

5. C'ya browns. Hello colour!

Although I've started getting into wearing more colour over the past few months, all the inspiring colours of spring make me want to wear the aforementioned seasonal fave colour, pink, even more. I'm also loving all the red that's around right now. The jumper I wore in this post from boohoo has fast become my new weekend go-to.

Topshop tapestry boots ASOS silver leather bag

6. No coat days 

With the weather picking up I'm saying goodbye to massive coats. My leather jacket has already been brought out of hibernation (YAS!) and I'm starting to wear hoodies or jumpers sans-coat. Thank you weather. I knew you'd pull through! This said, my old faithful brolly is staying in my bag for the foreseeable future. The British weather can be a sly bugger.

I LOVE YOU SPRING. Thank you for gracing us with your presence once again, you babe. Now I'm off to raid ASOS of all it's pink and red goodness. And maybe I'll even look at some mules... yep, not just getting my legs out for spring... but maybe my ugly toes too. You can't say I don't treat ya!

Tell me your fave thing about spring and share any SS17 trends you're obsessed with already!

Robyn Mayday


  1. One, Five & Six. Hell yeah. I'm SO excited for the lighter evenings, it makes blogging 21321 times easier xx

  2. Super cute Robyn! Spring really is my favourite season of all! x


  3. Your posts are so inspiring and photography amazing right now babe xxx


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