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It's been a little while since we've talked life stuff, hasn't it? My last 'personal' post was the one about keeping up with blogging. Which was, admittedly, horribly downbeat. So, I felt like it was time to sit down and tap away on my keyboard and spill some more positive life shiz. Fuelled on green tea, accompanied by cubes of cheese (seriously). What. A. Combo.

What I'm wearing:

Gingham Frill Dress, H&M - Pink Suede Boots, River Island (identical at Topshop!) - Patchwork Jacket, GAP - Mini Bag, House of Holland (similar at ASOS) - Sunglasses, Coach

So, first off, let's quickly whizz back over how I'm doing with blogging. Given the aforementioned negative Nancy post.

I've kind of got over the 'hump' I'd been experiencing with blogging vs. work-life balance in general (my theory of why this has happened is coming later). Sitting down to write a pretty simple post today, with very little - read: zilch - idea of what would blurt out of my... fingertips(?!), says a lot about where I'm at now. Although I'm always going to want to produce my best content, I also need to stay authentic to the origins of this blog. Casual, spur of the moment musings (including my now photography). So I'm going to try and do a bit more of that through here and my social channels.

H&M gingham dress H&M gingham frill dress blue gingham frill dress blue gingham dress

I'm also massively eager to do more video content (you can find me on YouTube here). It's just pretty challenging to get done alongside work and blogging! Oh, and another thing I really enjoyed this month was working with New Look on this festival post. If you missed it, take a look - it includes an uh-may-zing metallic pink anorak!

Another thing for us to talk about: health and fitness. On the fitness note, over the past couple of months I've been making a way better effort to go to the gym more. Summer always manages to whoop my ass into exercising. Not because of bikinis. I just actually feel more life-like in the summer.

Don't get me wrong, twice-weekly tuck shop at work is still 100% on the cards (and in my belly). But I'm also really enjoying trying to fill my body with less junky foods and more of the leafy and fruity stuff.

And secondly in terms of (I guess you could argue) health, I've decided to come off the pill. This is a biggie actually, as I've been on it for about 10 years now. Something about popping a little tablet filled with hormones has made me feel increasingly... well, weird over the past couple of years. As someone who's 'lapsed' back into anxiety in recent years and also gets really low in the winters, I'm keen to see if the pill has played a role in all this.

House of Holland Bag Pink suede boots H&M gingham dress

Going back to my point about being a bit more chilled with blogging, I've noticed that recently I've not been as stressed about keeping everything going at 100 miles an hour. Hence me having some quiet periods (no pun intended) on Instagram recently. This could have nothing to do with being dosed up on hormones, but let's see...

I'm definitely going to cover the progress of this. So I can go into more detail another time, but I'm genuinely looking forward to going back to my 'natural' state. Although, I'm a little less excited for potential return of horrific period pains. I'm so not ready to re-live memories of being 14 years-old: agonising periods, wrapped around a hot water bottle, rocking in the foetal position. Yay, uterus!

That's all my little fingers have got left in them for today. I've thought I'd just end by saying that, on a more life-ish theme, I've pondered doing a post about my career so far. I know, I'm only 25, but I've actually had a few jobs since leaving uni 4 years ago! All marketing jobs. But all pretty interesting and different roles. Let me know if that's something you'd like to read!

H&M gingham dress


  1. These photos are STUNNING and you look BANGING! And I completely agree, I love reading spur of the moment blog posts and what's going on in people's lives; perhaps I'm just nosy lol!

    But also it's hard to write hard hitting think-pieces all the time and sometimes there's just nothing to say! So I definitely want to get into the habit of just posting more OOTD pics and casual life chats! xx


    1. Thank you so much you beauty!

      Totally, we can't just write massively impactful pieces every week.


  2. LOVE these photos, you look amazing!!!


  3. Would love to know more about your roles babe - also feel the struggle of managing blog / video / full time work and trying to have a life lol. LOVE this dress! xx

    1. I'll make sure I do a post about it soon!
      Yep! Sometimes I totally feel like a 'workaholic'. Even though I do love blogging and have fun with it, sometimes it can deffo be a chore

  4. These photos are beautiful! And I can completely relate to this right now! I am having a bit more of a chilled approach to stuff at the moment, I think I'm just not in the right place to be churning out content constantly! xxx

    1. Thank you Holly! Yeah I toTally go through phases with blogging! xx

  5. I decided to stop the pill in february, I'm still taking it because I'm stopping it slowly (it was a pill every two days for 3 months, now it's one every three days for another 3 months and then I'll stop for good), I have thyroid & Hashimoto's diseases so taking the pill wasn't healthy for me. All my doctors told me not to stop it out of the blue because it avoids some bad effects (spots being the most obvious to the eye), it's like a drug my body took for 10 years. But I've already noticed many good sides about quitting it. (sorry for my english, I struggle to talk about topics like this in that language).

  6. These pics are fantastic! You look amazing and the capture of light is perfect and sultry!
    I completely know what you mean.. I haven't been on a break as such, as still been putting up content once a week, but I've not been pushing myself so much with it all. It feels good. :)
    Stay in your happy place. :)


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